The Two-Party System Is Over
The Tipping Point Is Here

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT (TIP) empowers Independent and third-party candidates. We are laying the groundwork for a sustainable long-term paradigm shifting political movement.

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Election 2016: A Historic Opportunity To Reclaim Our Freedom

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT (TIP) will empower Independent and third-party candidates to run, win and govern. In this election cycle, we will transparently explore options for candidates and help facilitate an Independent primary to nominate a third candidate for the presidency. From getting on the ballot to getting out the vote, TIP.vote is working to ensure that we have strong Independent choices moving forward.

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT is redefining what it means to be a political organization in the cyber age. Unlike our current government, we are truly of, by and for the people. We are a crowdsourced political movement. We are not an old top-down organization run by a small group of shadowy leaders who cut backroom deals and are only interested in your money and a vote on Election Day. We are not just looking for a click on a “like” button. We want to genuinely collaborate with politically aware people who represent the majority of Americans who want a viable third choice for President and want to evolve our antiquated and corrupted government.

We see the two-party system as the most significant obstacle to meaningful change. We believe in decentralized power over centralized control. We have transcended the Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right political spectrum. We are overcoming divide and conquer propaganda to find common ground on key issues. Let's work together to get a strong Independent candidate in the White House this election cycle. It can happen. It will happen! The tipping point is here!

Be part of this historic transformation; become a TIP.vote... Join our email list to get involved and stay informed of our progress...



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The Sanders & Trump Indicator
An Independent Uprising Has Begun

The early success of the Sanders and Trump campaigns clearly demonstrate the frustration people have with the existing system. Sanders and Trump were not even members of their parties a few months ago. The fact that even people who still identify with the corrupted parties are coming out in support of these candidates is a leading indicator and just the tip of the iceberg.

The number of registered Independent voters is now equivalent to Republican and Democratic voters combined. A tipping point has been reached and a critical mass of Americans have clearly had enough of the two-party system.

As many polls prove, a record-breaking number of Americans have now lost faith in our government. Only 7% of the population has confidence in Congress, which is an all-time low. To give some historical context, King George had twice as much support from the American public during the Revolutionary War than the current government does.


To Evolve Our Government
We Need An Independent President

Sanders and Trump both made a tragic strategic error in pledging their allegiance to corrupt parties. Even if one of them wins, they will end up as another lame duck president caught up in the partisan trap that prevents any meaningful change from occurring.

When it comes to policies that benefit the most powerful global corporations, the two parties can come to agreement and pass legislation in support of their political funders. When it comes to policies that benefit the American people, partisan gridlock prevents any meaningful progress. This is a major reason why we believe a president who has pledged their allegiance to either the Republican or Democratic party will never be able to effectively lead our country in a positive direction. The Republican vs. Democrat partisan blame game will not cease, and the best ideas will never emerge from this broken two-party system.

However, with a strong Independent president, who has the backing of a majority of Americans, both parties will be much more inclined to follow the Independent president’s lead, or they risk the death of their party. From a purely strategic perspective, after analyzing the current political landscape, it is clear that it will take a strong Independent president to move our country forward in a meaningful and positive way.

By bowing to the corrupted parties for short-term access and attention, Trump and Sanders have undermined their overall potential and ability to create meaningful long-term change. It may seem as if they are making clever political maneuvers within in the old collapsing political paradigm; alas, with all due respect, they have attached themselves to a sinking ship.

If either of them or any of the other Republican and Democratic candidates want to jump off the sinking ship and run as Independents, we will welcome them into our primary. We don't demand that candidates sign a loyalty oath to a party; the only loyalty that we demand candidates pledge their allegiance to is The People!




No matter what the issue is, money in politics is at the root of it…

#RankedChoice Voting (RCV)

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The vast majority of Americans who rely on the nationally-televised Presidential Debates to help make their voting decisions have no idea that the "official" General Election debates are, in fact, productions of a private, nongovernmental organization comprised of representatives of the Democrat and Republican parties who exercise complete and exclusive control over the process.


Revolution In Process

As the old political paradigm is collapsing, a new paradigm is organically emerging and evolving: new economic systems, sustainable communities, renewable energy, hydroponic farming, water purification, liquid democracy, new media and wireless communication. For all the problems we are confronted by, there are existing viable solutions.

We can now provide basic necessities for much less economic and environmental cost. Hunger, poverty and economic insecurity can be eliminated. We can transition to a zero carbon footprint future. We now have the wealth and technological capabilities to dramatically evolve society for the benefit of all.

A decentralized uprising is undermining systems of consolidated power. The two-party system is now obsolete. A new world is being born. A paradigm shift has begun...


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